A Mcgill Student

I want to introduce you probably one of the youngest and shiest students in the classroom who was graduated from high school Great Neck last spring. He is not talkative as other students in class, but I think it will be hard to see him angry or screaming to someone, because he was smiling during the three interviews. I am talking about Brain Rubinton who is 18 years old from Great Neck.


This is his first time in Nassau Community College and is not going to register for fall. It is because Brain is a very smart and hardworking student and so, Mcgill University which is also known Harvard of Canada, would like see him as one of their students for the next semester. For some students it will be hard to accepted to Mcgill, but not for Brain. He had 3.6 GPA in high school and it aimed him to be accepted to Mcgill which he will be studying economics.


I was wondering why a long Island boy wanted to study out of country. As far as I talked to the other long Island students, they are very happy to be in long island. “I wanted to be far from my house. If I wasn’t accepted to Mcgill, I would probably go to suny Binghamton” said Brain with a smiling face. He was really interested to global economy after taking U.S history in the high school.


Brain Rubinton needs six credits from English department for his bachelor degree. He is already taking English 101 but, I wondered why an economic student is in the same classroom with me who is majoring communications. Brain had the same feeling as most students in the classroom. “This course should be fun.” he said.


I had a chance to talk many different topics during three interviews, but most interesting topics were “Iraq issue” and especially “Election 2008” which I filmed a short documentary in NCC. As we all know, Barack Obama has influence on young generation especially, college students. Bryan is one of his supporters and he sees no doubt that Barack Obama will be the next president. “American citizens are seriously frustrated of the republicans and we have been in cold war almost eight years.” said Brain. “Mccain is old and he talks totally different when he was independent. He changed because he just wanted to be the next president.”


When I remind him how other counties of residents especially, European countries dislike American politics such as Iraq invasion, he summarized probably what most New York residents say. “We don’t like it too. There should be many ways to do it but not like this.”


After I had very decent conversations on various topics, I think he is going to be successful what he is studying. It is because economics is related to politics which he has a lot to say.

–Ozzy G.


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