A new person i met

Meeting new people is a necessity of the college experience and recently it has been no different from than any other interaction.  I sat down an interviewed a young woman by the name of Laura and from question one I knew I was talking to someone fresh and different.  My first question was an icebreaker, which happened to be what is your favorite color, which she said, was Lila.  I wouldn’t say there is one phrase or word that could describe her but if I could I would say that she dances to the beat of her own drum.  Literally she is a dancer with over at least ten years of experience.  She told me that early in her life she would dance to country music with her grandmother.  Laura comes from a line of dancers such as her mother who is a dancer just as her grandmother was.  Dance is a very important part of her life as she said that stage is the dancers canvass as well as that mixing together costumes, movements and music all make for a great performance.

There is not just dance to this young woman but a deep cultural respect for the arts, which she helps write in the Nassau Community college newspaper.   The arts section reflects upon music, art and any other creative expression that she feels she wants to put into the paper.  Writing seems second nature for this girl who not only reports on the news but also writes emotions and feelings into a journal.  Laura told me that she has a journal that she has wrote since she was a very young girl.  She said that it started out being her writing about her day from time to time than progressed into poetic rhythm about her life and the world around her.

When asked about a future career she came out and said creative arts therapy.  I learned that creative arts therapy is using music, art, dance and ECT to sooth patients who are going through rehabilitation.  Laura felt that sometimes its hard to put statements and words into form and that it is easier to progress if there is some kind of music around or anything creative that could start the flow of ideas or healing.  Another part of Laura emerged from my questioning one who was concerned for her fellow man and wanted to make a mark on society,

Finally my last question which was how would you spend your perfect day.  For most people it has many different answers but hers sounded very tranquil and that it reflected the kind of person she was.  First after a very long and refreshing sleep she would go to a dance studio and take a dance class. Secondly she would then go to a café and spend time reading and talking with some of the most important people she knew.  Lastly she told me she would wish that her day would have at least 48 hours in it so she could anything and everything she would want to do.
-Matthew Fischofer


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