Casually sitting before me with her pale complexion gently hidden by long wiry, curly hair is a multi-talented writer, sports enthusiast, and gifted singer. Her name is Amy Eiferman, and she is going to make waves in the field of creative writing one day – or is she? In fact, writing is but one of her passions in life. So, could it be that Amy has many potential goals to follow? One thing is for sure, it must be something she enjoys. “I want to wake up every day and be excited to go to work”, she says, hands waving in the air with enthusiastic gesture. As for now, she spends most of her time working on the next big sports feature in the school news paper. She is the head Sports editor of the Vignette, the school paper here at Nassau Community College. Asked whether she wants to pursue sports reporting, she does not consider it a main goal. “It is very hard not to let your bias show through when writing about sports”, she says with a slight look of disappointment on her face. This statement comes from an avid Yankees fan, and writing nice things about Boston is not an easy thing to do. Also, she considers her self more of a creative writer than a news reporter, or sports journalist. Yet, with all the teams she follows, the Yankees, Giants, and Rangers to name a few, ESPN is definitely not out of the equation.

How ever, she seems passionate about wanting to write something more in the realms of the arts or fantasy. “I guess I wouldn’t mind working for a magazine – not a news magazine though”, she insists. She leaves it very open-ended, and is not exactly sure what she wants as a career. Surely it has to do with writing in some aspect, since she has been creatively writing since her childhood. As for fantasy, she has always loved the creative freedom it allows. This seems fitting since Amy her self is very free-spirited.

She also sings, and loves American Idol along with multitudes of other genres of music. Her eyes open wide like a child in a toy store when speaking of music. She tells me she has taken classes as well as vocal lessons to improve her favorite musical ambition: singing. Aside from kicking-ass in Rock Band (a video game with a singing mode), she hopes to try out for American Idol. “I like that every week there is a different genre of music – it allows people to discover their style”, she says about the hit show. She personally favors Motown, and also 90s alternative music in terms of what she chooses to sing. Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel are some of the influences on her singing style. “I feel they [Jewel, and McLaughlin] suit my voice the best.” She also listens to Country legends like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson when not listening to ESPN radio on her way to school.

In all she tells me: “I want to aim high.” And, with all of her interests and talents, she plans to transfer to either Barnard or Columbia. She majors in the liberal arts (for the freedom it possesses of course) and hopes to take more English classes. As for the future, it remains unclear – but not in a bad way. In fact, it is unclear because of all of her possibilities. With her optimism and determination, I see her not just as a young student, but as some one special who will have the chance to influence the world for years to come as the next J.K. Rowling, or maybe even the future editor of ELLE. What ever she does, I look forward to seeing the outcome, for it will be a great one.

Mary Kate Leibman


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