Arts and Education

Making money is usually the number one priority for most people. Interestingly enough, John Grasso has spent most of his life focusing on his first love, music. I immediately saw an ambitious and creative person who was willing to understand and accept the differences in others. John truly “wowed” me with his dedication to the arts and his vow to entertaining, guiding, and educating special education teenagers.

Aside from Johns’ caring willingness to help others, he has practiced music to the best of his abilities. John has dedicated most of his life to learning, composing, and practicing music. According to John it “doesn’t matter” what kind of music genre it is, as long as it’s melodic beats, rhythm, and  sounds come together to create an amazing tune. When asked, what makes him a good musician? He simply stated Dedication, Desire and Determination. He believes he has all three to keep perfecting his material. Through much practice John has already perfected what some people thrive to accomplish. He is able to play an array of instruments from the piano, drum and guitar to beat mixing and learning basic skills with his turntable. He explains “He doesn’t need anyone’s help either when it comes to putting together the track, arranging it, mixing it, compressing or mastering it. John like many other young male adults has been extremely influenced by rap legends like Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, and Dr. Dre, but has also looked up to American rock bands like Maroon Five. Until now, he has come to believe that there is no place for him on stage and the majority of his musical work is producing and writing creative music. Currently John is extremely happy where he is at musically and says “He has received a lot of reviews from people who have heard it.” He states “When you see someone’s eyes light up because of something you put together and is so much a part of you, the feeling can’t be beat.

Still one question was on my mind. Did John ever think about becoming a music teacher? He replied NO. He said he was once in a music class at Nassau Community College and felt “Stuck out, like a sore thumb.” To him the class has no variety, mainly just focusing on jazz and classical music.

 John instantly grasped my attention when he said he wanted to become a special education teacher for “different” teens. He explained that he has an infinite amount of compassion and willingness to help handicap teens to achieve academic success. In his words he believes “Communication is key, to ensure a child’s well-being.” With this in mind I immediately sought out some questions to really capture what John is trying to “achieve” through teaching handicap students. When asked, what (in his perspective) what would he find to be the most challenging part of teaching? He said “Just trying to get out of character” because special education teachers need to be very focused in understanding  a persons needs and wants, but overall he say that his character is not going to change because he feels he “has no control over that.” He states “I just know that I’ve questioned myself in the past and I always land on my feet.” John believes that one thing will make him a good teacher, his personality. John explains, his “People skills” come naturally to him and through his love for teaching he is excited to share and express himself with students. Although John has no experience with handicap teens, he believes “Everyone does want to learn, and if you don’t want to learn you don’t want to grow.”

John is also part of the many people who love comedy. He is deeply inspired by a mixture or surreal stories whether about him or his many friends. In the future he would like his debut solo sitcom to feature a good friend’s father. When asked why? He said because “he’s just so funny”. Some of his many comedic inspirations range from comedic performers like Dave Chappelle to Martin Lawrence.  John admits that he likes to “make people feel better”, whether it is with comedy or his witty, confident, down to earth personality.

All in all, John ambitious and creative ways have greatly inspired him to achieve any goal he sets his kind to. His caring and understanding determination to help “special” teens came clear when speaking with him. He has dedicated his life to pleasing other whether it is musically or through communication. Through communication and entertainment he plans to motivate others and himself.


  Raquel Ortega   



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