Doing What She Loves

When you first sit down with Samantha De Victoria, one of the first if not the first questions she’ll ask you, is “When is your birthday?” With this, you’ll immediately see her mother’s influence in her life. Being raised by a mother who is “really into spirits” in a Feng Shui home, and the owner of Italian rocks that ward off evil, it’s easy to see why Sam is a free spirit. Sam’s mother first introduced astrology into Sam’s life by giving her, “Aquarius Annual Guide to the Stars”. Sam has since bought it yearly and reads it daily.

Sam acknowledges that astrology is powerful and uses it as a guide to romantic relationships. Her mother’s prediction that the relationship between Sam and her Ex-Boyfriend would fail, was the start of Sam “hating Virgos.” Her mother’s prediction proved to be true and Sam vowed to stay far away from them because she “doesn’t get along with them at all.”

I’m a Virgo, and I was a little uneasy when I first became aware of Sam’s hatred for my kind. This feeling quickly disappeared as I got to know Sam a little better. I found out that we both have best friends named Katrina and that we even go to the same mall, myself to shop and Sam to get a feeling of “happiness”.

You can find Sam at X-Sport Fitness in Roosevelt Field Mall at least two times a week. She works up a sweat and completes a strenuous work. She excitedly states that “After an hour on the treadmill, I just feel-happy!” “My trainer said that it’s the endorphins.” You would think that Sam worked out more than two times a week because she seems to be happy all the time. This is easy to see by her contagious friendly easy going smile.

Aside from exercise, Sam’s other source of happiness comes from doing what she “loves” at the Joseph Christopher Salon and Spa. She’s come a long way from cutting her friends hair in Pre-School. She’s “always loved it.” That’s why she went onto beauty school, graduated from there, and “trained for two whole years, before getting her own chair at Joseph Christopher.”.

The art of making people look good, runs in Samantha’s family. Both of her grandmothers were beauticians , but don’t call Sam one. “I’m not a Beautician, Beautician seems trashy, I’m a Stylist,” she proudly stated. She quickly corrected me because it seemed as if I was undermining all her hard work. Sam just wont have it!

Sam is so proud of her occupation and accomplishments and the fact that she gets to do what she loves. When asked if she would give up her career as a Stylist, if the stars told her to choose her another path, she boldly responded “No.” “I love what I do and no one and nothing can change that.” See, there’s a method to her madness.

Samantha trusts her mother’s influence and astrology to aid her when it comes to relationships. On the other hand , Sam and Sam alone are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to her dreams. Though she may seem a little superstitious at first, Sam is actually a grounded -free spirit. She’s an average teenager who is following her heart and doing whatever it takes to pursue her dreams.

Unlike most of us, Sam found her passion early. Her earliest and most fond memory of cutting hair, was one from kindergarten. Sam spent a week in detention for cutting a fellow classmates long hair, after they refused to let her borrow a pencil.

The journey of “fixing train wrecks” started over a decade ago, and Sam is hoping to continue, ultimately until she can work for Public Relations with Redken. She’s currently attending Nassau Community College to get an “edge” over the competition. Same hopes her college education along with all her work cutting hair and styling up-dos for wedding brides, will eventually pay off.

–Brittney W.


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