profile piece on Jeanny Belfort

Jeanny Belfort is currently a matriculated student at Nassau Community College located in Garden City, New York. She plans to graduate from the college in the fall of 2008, and pursue a dual degree program in speech pathology at the University of Central Florida located in Orlando, Florida. “I plan to work in a school, and help impoverished children learn to overcome speech impediments,” said Jeanny. Throughout her personal and professional life Jeanny has acknowledged the importance of caring for others.

Throughout the interview Jeanny reiterated the importance of her family life. She has two siblings named Thomas and John who are ages 23 and 9 respectively. Her older brother Thomas is a youth consoler that helps at risk children in impoverished areas. “Thomas has served as my inspiration to enter a profession that improves the lives of others,” said Jeanny. Her younger brother John lives in Orlando, Florida with her mother. Despite having a dislike for Orlando, Florida Jeanny plans to move there to be with her family. “I really dislike Orlando, Florida; it just lacks the cultural vibrancy and diversity that I have grown used to in New York,” said Jenny.

Currently, Jeanny is a physical therapist aide at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. However, she does not enjoy working there, and this is because the old people that are patients there annoy her. Despite her current displeasure regarding her work she “has a plan for the future.” Jeanny has a passion for the written word, and this passion seems to run in her family. Her cousin is currently an English Teacher at City Honors High School in New York City. “My cousin Jacqueline is another member of my family who has inspired me,” said Jeanny. Jeanny decided to settle on a career in speech pathology because it is an excellent hybrid of her love of language and her love of caring for others. Coming from a family of educators has made working in a hospital a difficult transition for her. “I would much rather work in a school where people are smiling and happy; as opposed to a hospital where people are constantly sick and unhappy,” said Jeanny.

Caring for others has been the focal point of Jeanny Belfort’s life up until this point. Throughout her life inspiration has come from her family members who have “inspired her through their passion to education and help others.” Some people have a hard time making serious life decisions about where to live and what type of career track to pursue. People often make life decisions based on a faulty materialistic criterion that is most certainly going to result in their unhappiness. However, Jeanny has simplified these decisions by following her heart, and acknowledging the fact that through helping and caring for others we can achieve personal fulfillment that is far greater than any type of material gain. Throughout the interviewing process Jeanny’s passion for helping others was undoubtedly infectious. Consequently, she has inspired me to fulfill my hopes and dreams, and to not forget to help the people around me.

Ryan Hendricks


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