Jack of All Trades

Mary Kate’s thoughtful face becomes even more so as thinks for a few moments, then recalls that the last movie she saw in theatres was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. “ And I was disappointed.”

I would soon come to find that for Mary Kate, disappointment from a film is disappointment in a area which is more than just a hobby for her.

A native of New Hyde Park, New York, Mary Kate hopes one day to cross the country and reside in Hollywood, California, wellspring for movies and other media. Her passion for cinema has moved her to pursue careers in both entertainment law and film production.

Her drive shines through when speaking about entering these fields. In quick succession, she acknowledges that the inner workings of film has long been male-dominated, then admits to seeing a shift in gender dynamic. “ I see a lot of women rising in the industry. I think it’s exciting. It’s fun to be a part of.”

Instead of blindly going to Hollywood like so many young people do, Mary Kate has laid out a path for herself. “ I want to start out in entertainment law, and meet the right people.” These “right people” are the ones Mary Kate hopes will help ferry her in to the production and “behind the scenes” world of film.

Here, she will most likely draw inspiration from some of the women she admires greatly in the film world. One is Kathleen Kennedy, who has worked with Steven Spielberg since the 80s, and has served as producer and executive producer on some of his biggest successes such as E.T. and Munich.

Half French, Mary Kate has a fondness for the film world of France. “ It is so much more open and feminine.” Women also have more opportunity in film there, and Mary Kate is more than open to being a part of it. “ I would love to work with the French film industry. Maybe with subsidizing [films] and bringing them here.”

Aside from Kennedy, another female admired by Mary Kate is Sophie Marceau. The French actress who Americans might recognize best from her roles in Braveheart and the World is Not Enough is someone Mary Kate describes as “a jack of all trades” due to her work not only in on-camera but as a novelist and director.

However, Marceau is not the only one Mary Kate referred to as one of these jacks of all trades. She also used these words to describe herself- And with good reason. Motivated as she is about film and her future goals, she still has room in her heart for a variety of other hobbies that she feels just as strongly about.

A different art form she engages in is music. Master of piano, guitar, drums and bass, Mary Kate also writes her own. A listener of alternative, new wave and grunge, she has a preference for classic rock, and worships Led Zeppelin guitar maestro Jimmy Page for his innovativeness. Another interest, politics, is responsible for an affinity for tunes she calls “ politically charged.”

But on what may be considered the opposite side of the spectrum from the arts, Mary Kate is also an avid sports fan, and it has led to her taking on the role of athlete herself. Her heritage has her placing allegiances with the French soccer team when it comes to international play, along with the Montréal Canadiens of the National Hockey League.

She is also a fan of the New York Giants and Los Angeles Lakers, but no team has driven her more than the New York Yankees. The Bronx team is the reason behind her taking up softball, which would lead to her playing in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Little League capital, as a self-described utility infielder. Another accomplishment is the brown belt she has gained in the mixed martial arts form, muay thai.

Automotive racing also holds a place in her heart, as she follows the Formula One and French Le Mans circuits. Her dream car? “ A Porsche 911 GT3.”

Perhaps this is the car she will drive out in Hollywood. Before California, though, she hopes to transfer to New York City Ivy League Colombia University.

And with her dedication, that isn’t too hard to imagine.

-Amy Eiferman


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