The Pinky Show

Pinky and Bunny research the legality of the Iraq War. At length.  Simply.  And clearly.

Pinky wants some answers: Is the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq legal or illegal? Do any of the charges of illegality we’ve been hearing about have any legal basis at all? And why should we even care about international law anyway? Pinky and friends do the research and then tell you all the answers!


3 thoughts on “The Pinky Show

  1. With all due respect, as much as I despise this war, it is not fair to depict some rogue marines and stupid people as the face of the hard working troops in harm’s way over in Iraq. I think, definatively there are some violations to the Geneva code of convention — i.e. torture of suspects, the one in which we ( the U.S. , did not sign-not a law of the land.) As for the intel report, the weapons of mass destruction lie was floated by Iraqi intelligence to scare the western world into believing they (Iraq) was more powerful than they really were (see intel reports from Iraq released to press in ’06). The claims from the intel report should be read fully, not “…fixed around… what ever.” Our country used certain self-defense reasons (9/11 and WMDs< yes I know it is false) as leverage to wage war (not illeagal, just pandering and unethical). They did not break the law, they “tip-toed” around it. Thry convinced with lies to invade. How ever access was granted. The administration can say they thought the threats were ligitimate. No lawyer will touch this case, because down to the wire it becomes he sais she said. A big topic: Conservative journalists said that invading Iraq would give us oil at 20 dollars a barrel. Now we are paying 147 and change (hmm this is why we are there). It probably is the reason, how ever, there are no “facts” the sustain this belief. This war is unethical, and wrong. How ever, as disgusting as this is, it is legal under the constitution– congress has the right to delcare law. Annan says it is illeagal because France did not vote in favor of the war. But the self-defense issue is what got us there. Crimes were committed (unnathorized force used by marines etc.), but the crimes against humanity is a biased outlandish anti-american rehtoric used by the radical left to gain support for their cause (I am a moderate for the record). No other sites and organizations even utter “crimes against humanity against the US.” War equates to people dying, and unfortunately that includes civilians. If you want crimes against Humanity see Hitler or hmm Sadam him self. Comments like these (Bush= Hitler and the US are the biggest terrorist with out illeagal invasion) divide America. We don’t need to add fuel to the fire with these stories of horror. If you were wondering, I have friends in Iraq, the people there are greatful for the U.S. revitalizing free business trade and training police against terrorists (who were there prior to our invasion > see reports from France and other intel agencies other than the US if you don’t believe me). Although I and many others do not feel it right to shove democracy on others at the cost of the USD our economy and the middle class, the people there are able to live freely. I appreciate the research pinky has done, how ever, it is very partisanly biased.

  2. This was not such a bad piece though, personally it gets harder and harder to defend the Bush administration in these last few years but it seems that the facts in this video seem to stand up. The parts that i disagree of are a matter of looking at the Iraq situation with taking a step back and looking into the future. Truthfully no matter what side of the political fence we stand on it seems that we are all responsible for what goes on in any administration such as the bombing of Iraq as well as sending troops into Yugoslavia during the Clinton years or the invasion of Iraq in 2003 during the Bush administration. Its hard to see the fact that Saddam’s deposing was a bad idea in my own eyes. The man gassed his own people as well as been a huge threat to the Middle East and the international community. Saddam was a blight on the world and it is a much better place without him. Bringing the United States up on any charges about Iraq would be internationally irresponsible, to use the Nuremberg trials relating to current day seems to diminish what happened in Nazi Germany and demeans the troops. Many of the marines who were tried in the Haditha killings were dropped of all charges lets try and not to make the same mistakes in Vietnam of turning our boys into murders. Remember in Iraq we are not facing a standing army but a resistance of people who are despicable and would use the mentally retarded as shields as well as using children and women to fight American forces. I have no idea of how this situation will turn out but wish there will be a complete solution to get troops home soon.

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