About ten years fromk now a new Brittney will be making headlines across the country, Brittney. Some could go on a search for their whole lives and never know what their purpose is,this is not true for Brittney. From Brittney’s early chilodhood she found that her happiest times where abosrbing every detail of motion pictures. Brittney determination, and workaholic habits set her aside from todays average college student.

Drive could not even desribe, one being motivated to wake up at 4 am everyday to deal with the impatient morning commuters on their way to work. Although Starbucks, isn’t exactly Brittney’s permanent career it’s a good stepping stone for the real world. Unlike most college students, Brittney wasn’t out partying the night before. She has the maturity and determination to realize that she needs to go to sleep early.

When Brittney was questioned about what her favorite thing to do was, she responded “Movies, I love movies.” Then when asked why did she have such a special place in her heart for movies, she paused looked down and took a while to answer. Brittney expressed that she grew up as an only child, with no one to play with. Brittney utilized movies as her source of entertainment. ALthough she never played a sport in her life her favorite movies are indeed sports movies.

Although Brittney grew up being an only child, she had a figure in her life that fulfilled the duties of an older brother. Her older cousin, Micheal, is her family member that she is closest to. He taught her “not to care about others, just live your life”. Her laidback personality can be attributed to Michael’s influence in her life.

Another facet of her personality is that she a a genuine person, and in this day and time a rare find. When asked about her favorite sport team, she responded “THe Pheonix Suns, because it’s a close team and you could see that they love the game and the team is more like family, and fans can see this when they play”.

One character trait that Brittney used to describe herself was shy