Robberies…Crimes Of Opportunity

There have been in excess of twenty-two robberies since January 2008. Police reported in a local meeting that a Caucasian male approximately 25 years old was apprehended as a result of a trail of blood left on a fence in front of a home. This blood specimen was further explored by DNA testing and the perpetrator was later caught. It is still believed that other perpetrators are at large due to the excess of additional robberies.

The police department is warning residents to lock their doors after a sting of residential burglaries between January 2008 to present. Residential burglaries have nearly doubled from December 26, 2007 to present. Burglaries have occurred in the daytime and the evening hours. In some cases, residents have been known to be home. Thieves would enter through an unlocked door, opened windows, and would use a ladder to climb through skylights, attic fans jumping from various parts of roofs of the homes. These thieves have earned the title of “ninja burglars”. These burglars climb, slide, slip, and crawl into tiny spaces such as a dryer vent. It appears that these perpetrators perform the impossible.

Safes, electronics, cash and jewelry have been taken. In some cases, the homeowner was unaware of the missing items until they were needed.

The police force refers to this as a “crime of opportunity”. The police are recommending that all burglar alarms are to be activated at all times, motion detectors placed in master bedroom areas, doors should be locked, lights should be maintained on timers and radios left playing when a homeowner leaves the premises. Hopefully, this would deter an unwanted burglar. Once the “ninja thief” enters the home, the master bedroom is the main focus of the robber’s intent as they are searching through closets, drawers, and lifting mattresses. The burglars are of a professional nature. Crime enforcement personnel are advising the public to change their patterns. For example, leaving the home at different times, mail should not be left in plain sight as this may be considered an invitation to enter a vacant home. Neighborhood watch and local meetings have been instituted so that the area residents will have an awareness of the crime spree.

There have been more presence of undercover and uniform police patrolling. Helicopters have been circling areas of importance due to the tree line streets and the wooded lands.

Auxiliary police have been recently hired to explore suspicious activity such as reckless drivers who may be speeding or tailgating. These types of newly hired officers have been scanning license plates and following leads that may bring the professionals closer to making an arrest. This would make the streets of the 5 towns a safer neighborhood.

Detectives are making the public aware of the criminal patterns and mischief that has caused the five-town area and western Nassau to become more cognizant and knowledgeable about the “ninja thieves”. It appears that these are target areas as a result of how homes are maintained with beautiful landscape, exotic cars in driveways, and acres of land where robbers can easily escape.

-Jared Albaum


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