Alleged Stolen Car Chase Leads to Death of a Grandmother


          FREEPORT, New York– Car accident kills one and injures two in an alleged stolen  car chase. On a Saturday evening, a Hispanic female (whose full name cannot be disclosed due to a confidentiality agreement) died on the operating table from severe internal injuries. The accident included daughter, grandson, and son-in-law.

          Around 10:30 pm Saturday evening, Fire medic Lourdes Rosado-Norman and husband Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Joseph Norman were quietly sleeping in their home, as they are woken up by skretching tires and a loud crash. Norman explained “it was a loud crash” followed by a “screaming hysterical people.”

          According to the Patient Care Report, all four passengers lived in Brentwood, New York. Upon arriving at the scene Fire Medics’ immediately saw Espenol, 23 screaming in pain, and took notice of the injuries she sustained including a broken leg. Chitas,23, who was uninjured claims to have been chasing someone who had just stolen his car, and immediately jumped into Espenols’ vehicle to follow the stolen car. According to Chitas,23, they were “chasing” a male Hispanic that had “stolen his car” heading east down Merrick Road, speeding over the 30 mph speed limit, and losing control of the vehicle.

          The collision took place at the corner of Merrick Road and Park Avenue, just down the street from where the Normans’ live. When speaking with Fire Medic Norman, she recalls both her husband and herself “jumping out of bed” and immediately driving to the scene of the accident not realizing it was just down the street. Upon arriving at the scene, they immediately “assessed the situation” to see if any people were injured and to verify that 911 was called. Medics saw the small four door Toyota on the side walk. According to witnesses and statements given by family, the car spun and rolled over as per bystanders after hitting a pole, tree, and taking down a fire hydrant.

          By the time Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Joseph Norman, rushed to help Espenol,23, Nassau County Police Ambulance, Freeport Fire Department, and Freeport Police had arrived at the scene. Fire Medic Norman, noticed Grandmother,44, lying prone (on stomach) screaming that she could not breath and rushed to save her. Fire Medic Norman remembers trying to “calm” the wounded female as she scremed hysterically in pain. Norman said “it was just like she was drowning in her own blood, I felt helpless.” When Fire Medic Norman turned Espenol,44, over she instantly noticed a “massive” bruise on her lower torso and also noticed that Espenol had obvious signs of internal bleeding.

          According to Emergency Medical Technician Joseph Norman, passengers Espenol,44, and grandson Espenol-Chitas,4, were “forcefully ejected” thru the back window of the vehicle. Medics claim that Espenol,44, landed 15 feet from where the car spun many times and hit the pole.

          Espenol, 44, was later pronounced dead at Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC), due to massive internal bleeding, and a lacerated liver and spleen. According to Medics, Espenol-Chitas,4, had no obvious signs of shock, but was complaining of lower back pain, and has minor cuts and bruises. The child was suspected of being ejected from the back window, along with his grandmother. He was transported to Nassau University Medical Center by members of the Freeport Fire Department Emergency Rescue Company # 9.

          When Asked, How can unfortunate accidents like such be avoided? Fire Medic Lourdes Rosado-Norman and Medical Technician Joseph Norman, along with the Freeport Fire Department give us some tips:
1. ALWAYS use seat belts.
2. Let police handle their own business.

          These tip are not a sure way to prevent a car accident, but restraints have had a profound effect on reducing collision related deaths says Fire Medic Norman.

-Raquel Ortega


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