Gangster Lifestyle Leads to Shooting

It was about 2 o’clock in the morning when Maria found out that her brother had been shot; she immediately began to hyperventilate. She was on the phone in her room talking to her cousin about plans for the weekend. Suddenly she heard a “pop noise.” She ignored it until she heard a car speeding off. Then she heard: “I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot.” As she approached the kitchen she found her mother crying hysterically on the ground in disbelief that her son had been shot. Sadly, she wasn’t completely surprised because she knew the life that Dubson lived and did not approve with any of it. He lived a dangerous lifestyle.
During the police interrogation, Dubson revealed the sequence of the night’s events. Somebody stopped in a white jeep and asked for directions. As Dubson was walking towards the car, the passenger pulled out a gun and said, “Run your pockets.” Dubson began to run the other way, while the assailants began to fire. Two or three shots were fired. One of the bullets pierced Dubson’s left leg, but he was unaware until he was in the clear. Then he screamed, “I got shot, I got shot.” He was unable to give a description of the perpetrators.
“O my God, o my God,” Luce screamed as she ran frantically ran around the house.
Hector and Luce came running into the kitchen when they heard cries and knocking coming from their window. Hector, completely unhappy with the situation, said angrily, “die, just die.”
“Call the ambulance,” Dubson asked apologetically, but his father claimed he wouldn’t call the ambulance, he should just die. Hector had zero understanding for the life that his son had chosen to live.
As this struggle continued between father and son, Maria watched her only brother bleed out on the same tiled floor she watched her nephew take his first steps the day before. Maria took matters into her own hands and ran into her parents rooms and grabbed one of her father ties to wrap the wound, unaware if the bullet was still lodged in his leg.
Hector finally decided to call the police. The yells from his oldest daughter, Maria, and his wife, Luce, assisted in making the phone call. The ambulance arrived shortly after. The paramedics placed Dubson on the gurney and placed him in the ambulance. The police remained in the house questioning everyone. Luce said they asked “Did you hear what happened.” Maria answered, “Yes,” because she did in fact hear screeching noises. The police officers asked Hector if he loved his son because he began to “drop the dime” on his dangerous lifestyle. “Check his wallet!” “Check his room,” he yelled angrily. As the ambulance and police officers left, Maria fell asleep

Paige, Dubson’s other sister, was awaken by the ting of her cell phone. “Dubson got shot, Dubson got shot,” she heard, followed by heavy cries, then dead silence. Paige quickly called her boyfriend to come baby-sit their toddler son. When she arrived on the scene, she saw her brother on the gurney by the ambulance, her father ranting madly, her sister crying hysterically, and her mother standing in the kitchen. Her father repeatedly told her that this was no place for her and that she should not have come. She replied there was no way she wouldn’t want to be by their side during this tragic event.



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