Mechnic asks th public to be more careful when driving

A Service Mechanic at Nick’s Exxon at 85 North Central Avenue witness one crash that starts a trend. At around nine thirty A.M. Andrew Gaudio while serving a customer saw an accident unfold right in front of his face. I asked him, “People are friggin crazy and when they’re on the road they’re out of their minds.” The first accident occurred the first week in June when two cars struggling for the lead crashed into each other. It’s a one lane main road and there was one car was parallel parked on the side of the road and the other car a minivan was driving down the road. He said, “either they didn’t see each other or didn’t care but the minivan passed him as soon as he turned out.” The person driving the minivan was a middle aged white man and the other was a young man in his late twenties. I asked Andrew what happened when both parties got out and had to deal with the accident he said, “They got out and were very civil with each other because both new they had done something wrong.”

The second accident took place only a few days later and this time could’ve been fatal for many. A cement truck and an SUV were stopped at a red light when the light turned green and the cement truck began his right hand turn. The cement truck made a wide right turn and the SUV behind him in a rush, honking decided to speed into the intersection passing the cement truck on the right. What he didn’t notice was that when the angle of the cement trucks turn made him inevitable to get it. The reaction this time was much different. Much more hostile and unpleasant. This time neither party would accept any guilt. The man in the SUV didn’t know that when passing a truck it is only acceptable when passing on the left.

Again at the red light a mail truck was stopped at the same red light and yet another accident that could’ve been avoided. This time the accident was a little more comical but still shows us the dangerous habits of our drivers. A man in a Pontiac Grand Am not even looking forward before stepping on the gas crashes into of all things the mail truck sending around hundreds of letters flying through the wind. I asked him if he thought they should make tougher laws and higher penalties for reckless driving due to the staggering of accidents which cause financial turmoil, high levels of stress and death. He said if you have stricter penalties and then you have a responsible driver who gets into an accident that allows for an opportunity to be taken advantage in court and in a civil suit. He said instead we should, “ just be more responsible behind the wheel.”

This is not a new thing for New York who is faced with the difficult task of aligning resources to make out roads safer. So far high penalties, school zones, signs, traffic gaurds, organizations such as MAD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and all of the preparatory education mandatory to get a license have done little in stopping this problem in the foreseeable future. This will be a lasting issue.


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