Same Accident, Same Intersection, and Same Story

Another traffic accident occurred between School Street and Old Country Road in the town of Westbury. This might be the hundredth traffic collusion in this intersection. No one was injured this time, but the owners of 1998 Jeep Cherokee and 2002 Hyundai Sonata which were involved in the accident, are probably going to donate their vehicles due to high damages. It was not worth to get those two luxury vehicles fixed.

The collusion happened around 7:40 pm in Westbury between School Street and Old Country Road, which is also called by residents who had witnessed multiple traffic accidents “Dead Zone.” A 19-year-old college student, who is studying at NCC, was driving the 1998 Jeep Cherokee confessed the truth. “I saw the light was turning to red and I pressed the gas to pass on green, but I couldn’t.” said with a shaking voice. His car turned over twice and hit the electric pole, which is also a bus stop for N72 buses. Fortunately, There was no one waiting for the bus when the collusion occurred.

Hyundai Sonata was the other totaled vehicle whose owner is a woman and approximately 30 years old was angry to the college boy that caused the collusion. ” Thanks God I am still alive, but I just bought the car a couple of weeks ago with financing.” said while police officers were collecting the registration and insurance documents from each driver.

After three high schoolboys were killed in a traffic accident in the same intersection two years ago, this was being the second dangerous accident in the intersection. Husamettin Mavruk, 49 who is working and in a gas station had seen enormous traffic collusions in two years.” This is the worst intersection. When I call 911 to report an accident sometimes I don’t give the address. I just say “worst intersection in Westbury” and they would be here.”

According to area residents, Nassau Country should make some changes in the intersection. “The time between two lights is very limited. And there must be signs for drivers” said Arthur 42 who is a mechanic ” The area that I live, there are so many unnecessary Stop signs.” And somedays I bet except me no one passes by those streets. Nassau County should be paying the core of attention to these busy intersections like the one in Westbury.” Nassau Country must take action before more people get hurt.

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