Theft plagues card games

Here are 2 cards together worth over $500

$300 printed on one card, $150 printed on another, and $200 on another, all this money on one card game and within a flash it could all be stolen.  Theft seems to be a part of the community players of Yugioh.  The game is mainly designed for the enjoyment of children yet it has a very diverse community pool of players that are much older and run into the late 20’s.  Mostly theft occurs due to leaving ones belongings out in the open while some of the more dangerous have assault.  There was one report of a tournament where someone was mugged by hitting someone in the back of the head with a lock and then taking all their cards from them.  Events such as these have made judges and organizers start to bring security into the mix.  Point in case Alex Shvartsman had police officers in the event that took place in Boston on July 5th.  Mike Kohanim a pro player had said that he can remember one time leaving a tournament outside of Neutral Grounds in New York and a few of his friends being jumped by three thugs.  They had there back packs full of cards stolen from them and called the police, although they were not able to get an good description on who these people were.  Many thefts such as these can not be easily solved because many of these theives who steal cards have more than one person operating them,  due to this if one person is blamed for a theft they can pass off the material to someone else and say they never saw anything.  Due to a lack of evidence that says the person stole from someone many of the victims never recover their stolen material and end up quiting the game.  Assaults such as these are sadly common place creating competitve play very dangerous if you do not take the proper prequations.  In many games stores throughout the country where tournaments take place there are cameras that are used to monitor people from performing ilicit activities.  It makes it hard for many people to start card stores due to the high rate of theft in some areas and it leaves many owners up for liability if they are not careful.  This brands of theft can be blamed on the fact that many cards that are made by Upper Deck (the distributing company) value in the hundreds of dollars, this makes any sort of deck you can build value itself up to $2000.  Many who steal these expensive cards end up selling them on ebay when they get them, since its not easy to track there is not much people can do to stop theft of their possesions. The company Upper Deck has an up to date tournament policy about cheating and does ban players who participate in these scams from playing the game in any way possible for any amount of time.
Matt Fischofer


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