Guilty Pleasure

I feel the extreme need to share this with you guys. For the past several years, the community, Oh No They Didn’t has fulfilled my guilty pleasure celebrity gossip cravings.

Is this stuff news? Well, unfortunately, the answer to that is yes for many people. For me it really only is gossip. The community lets registered users post to it, but these posts are filtered by moderators who only let through what they see fit. (Maybe like editors, hmmmm?) I myself do post to it from time to time, and comment on posts, so if you see the username cinnamongirlxxx talking about how much Prince Caspian sucked, it’s me :D!

One interesting note is that all of the ‘news’ stories can’t be posted unless they have a source down at the bottom. Like other media, people want to know their stories about Brangelina’s babies came from somewhere credible, darn it!! Another thing I thought has been interesting to watch is how over the years, what people percieve as media news has evolved from Paris Hilton to lists on The Best Book Covers, etc…

Be careful, it can get addictive. So try to look at it only when you’ve done your daily world news readings that I know you all do 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good day :)!


4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Yes. Yes, I did go there, Cathy!

    Actually, nope. That would be your fellow classmate, Amy E., who also wrote about the graffiti wars (Paint Wars). Remember – she’s the one actually addicted to celebrity gossip! I’m fighting the urge though …

  2. it’s entertainment before anything else at the end of the day. they don’t care about us. they’re going to drag the middle class into the poor house at the same time. i should have a news show. i’d be shot

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