Freelance Writing Websites

Links to markets, groups, resources, and jobs for freelance writers. Compiled for Dr. Michael Arnzen’s “Publication Workshop” class at SHU, Spring 2008. This is newly incarnated version of the “Handy Job Hunter for Writers” (now defunct). Archives are at


One thought on “Freelance Writing Websites

  1. Since I have a job already, I am constantly thinking about how to incorporate interviews into my lessons. With special education students, so many of them love to talk, but HATE to write and the best way to learn anything it to just ask people. I am really starting to buy into the way my school works, because it is based on journalism, but I really didn’t understand the purpose, because I didn’t have any background in it. Now I see the school I work in a new way, and I can understand the vision of my principal more.

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