James Baldwin’s Dream Became True

James Baldwin is the one of the respected writers in the World. His stories have been translated to many different languages. He only focused on the issues between black and white Americans. He was born in Harlem, New York City, on August 2, 1924. He was the oldest of nine children and from an early age he loved to read.His father was a preacher in the church, and when Baldwin became 14 he was a preacher also. He graduated from Clinton High School at the age of 18, where he had written for a magazine. After writing in a several magazines in the school the author James Baldwin realized that writing is making him very happy.

Richard Wright was another important author who thinks that James Baldwin is a greatest black writer in the World for him. They became very good friends in a very short time and Richard helped him about literature. In those days It was hard to write due to prejudice in U.S so, James Baldwin decided to move to Paris where he can think and write without being discriminated.

If James Baldwin was alive he would be very happy to see a Black candidate (Barack Obama) is running for the president. The United States of America had changed a lot since civil rights. In those days It would be impossible to think this country that a Black guy is running for president. Thats what would make James Baldwin very proud of civil rights movement and the United States of America.

In one of the interviews James Baldwin indicates that he is not a political activist he is a story teller. According to Melihcan Gurcen who is 18 year s old Nassau Community College student said, ” His stories means a lot to candidate Barack Obama and other republicans. James Baldwin already told us how black and white people get along together.”

Baracak Obama has a strong support especially from college students. He has power on both white and black Americans. If he is running to president for the president it is because of James Baldwin and like those authors who used their pen to against the discrimination.

Ozzy Gezer


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