V for Vendetta: Victory of Muslims in U.K

After the   biggest terrorist attack in the United States in 2001, across the world there have been enormous motion pictures published that includes political views. James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta is one of the films  It is not like other political films that I had seen before, because the film had been shot in the United Kingdom and has a very different taste.


In this movie we have a model hero Hugo Weaving who is playing “V” and Natalie Portman who is playing Evey. The movie is taking place in the early future in United Kingdom. Vendetta is a very mad to the political system in England. He wants some change in the system and he will do whatever it takes. He meets with the Natalie Portman who is a very cute televisionist and pulls her with him. Vendetta’s first goal is try to reach British citizens and show them how and why government lied to them about important issues in England.  In this point an inspector Stephan Rea is authorized to find out who is Vendetta by president.


              In the beginning of the movie I was very curious why James McTeigue who was also the first assistant of “The Matrix Reloaded” and The Matrix Revolutions” filmed this movie in the United Kingdom instead of United States.  Even though, United Kingdom and United States have same political view United Kingdom a lot more sensitive about Homeland security and terrorist attack. For Instance, while more than 30 million illegal people working in the United States in the United Kingdom it is almost impossible. And secondly; If you don’t have  a valid  U.K visa you can not even use the England‘s airport for transit service. For other European countries you are not required to have a transit visa but for England. To obtain a visa from U.K is more difficult than to obtain from other EU counties either. Therefore, The United Kingdom does not welcome immigrants or any kind of people which England might get hurt. I believe James tried to point out that United Kingdom is getting discriminator about immigrants. According to him, a Muslim might be a possible terrorist who can be cause of another terrorist attack in England.              In 9th of September in 2001 a group of Muslim people killed thousands of human in the

World Trade Center. There are more than eight hundred million Muslims in this World and If we compare the Muslims who are called terrorists and killed innocent civilians are inconsiderable percent of Muslim society. So, Muslim terrorists are very small group in this Muslim society but all terrorist attacks have been linked to all Muslims. Aldof Hitler and Radovan Karadzic killed thousands of innocent people because of their religion. Nobody linked these genocides to Christianity. James strongly highlights that one day in England it will be hard to define your self as a Muslim.  Muslims will not be in the society and will be pointed as malicious people. In one of the scenes Vendetta illustrates to watcher how it is hard to have a Qua ran in the house after the televisionist is killed because of the holy book.               But, this motion picture fails if we consider about a love story. Natalie doesn’t fall in love with f Vendetta but she demands to know what the behind of the mask looks like. At the end of the movie conversations between V and Evey could be more excited. I don’t think anybody who watched the film liked the scene that Evey said “I love you and I want to be with you” This was the poorest scene and couldn’t deliver a true love story.  Evey’s performance is on the top and I think we will see her again with another film.

              As a result, V for Vendetta is a decent film that everyone will enjoy with it. However, it is not like other movies that you don’t forget for several months or several years. There are some decent scenes in this movie and excellent visual effects. It will take you to

United Kingdom and show how they will discriminate Muslims one day. Vendetta summarizes how it is hard to live in a Christian country as a Muslim after the terror attack in 9.11. In After watching the movie you are absolutely will compare the political views of the United States and United Kingdom. (3.5 stars out of 5)

Ozzy  G-


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