V for Vendetta: Victory of Muslims in U.K

After the   biggest terrorist attack in the United States in 2001, across the world there have been enormous motion pictures published that includes political views. James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta is one of the films  It is not like other political films that I had seen before, because the film had been shot in the United Kingdom and has a very different taste.


In this movie we have a model hero Hugo Weaving who is playing “V” and Natalie Portman who is playing Evey. The movie is taking place in the early future in United Kingdom. Vendetta is a very mad to the political system in England. He wants some change in the system and he will do whatever it takes. He meets with the Natalie Portman who is a very cute televisionist and pulls her with him. Vendetta’s first goal is try to reach British citizens and show them how and why government lied to them about important issues in England.  In this point an inspector Stephan Rea is authorized to find out who is Vendetta by president.


              In the beginning of the movie I was very curious why James McTeigue who was also the first assistant of “The Matrix Reloaded” and The Matrix Revolutions” filmed this movie in the United Kingdom instead of United States.  Even though, United Kingdom and United States have same political view United Kingdom a lot more sensitive about Homeland security and terrorist attack. For Instance, while more than 30 million illegal people working in the United States in the United Kingdom it is almost impossible. And secondly; If you don’t have  a valid  U.K visa you can not even use the England‘s airport for transit service. For other European countries you are not required to have a transit visa but for England. To obtain a visa from U.K is more difficult than to obtain from other EU counties either. Therefore, The United Kingdom does not welcome immigrants or any kind of people which England might get hurt. I believe James tried to point out that United Kingdom is getting discriminator about immigrants. According to him, a Muslim might be a possible terrorist who can be cause of another terrorist attack in England.              In 9th of September in 2001 a group of Muslim people killed thousands of human in the

World Trade Center. There are more than eight hundred million Muslims in this World and If we compare the Muslims who are called terrorists and killed innocent civilians are inconsiderable percent of Muslim society. So, Muslim terrorists are very small group in this Muslim society but all terrorist attacks have been linked to all Muslims. Aldof Hitler and Radovan Karadzic killed thousands of innocent people because of their religion. Nobody linked these genocides to Christianity. James strongly highlights that one day in England it will be hard to define your self as a Muslim.  Muslims will not be in the society and will be pointed as malicious people. In one of the scenes Vendetta illustrates to watcher how it is hard to have a Qua ran in the house after the televisionist is killed because of the holy book.               But, this motion picture fails if we consider about a love story. Natalie doesn’t fall in love with f Vendetta but she demands to know what the behind of the mask looks like. At the end of the movie conversations between V and Evey could be more excited. I don’t think anybody who watched the film liked the scene that Evey said “I love you and I want to be with you” This was the poorest scene and couldn’t deliver a true love story.  Evey’s performance is on the top and I think we will see her again with another film.

              As a result, V for Vendetta is a decent film that everyone will enjoy with it. However, it is not like other movies that you don’t forget for several months or several years. There are some decent scenes in this movie and excellent visual effects. It will take you to

United Kingdom and show how they will discriminate Muslims one day. Vendetta summarizes how it is hard to live in a Christian country as a Muslim after the terror attack in 9.11. In After watching the movie you are absolutely will compare the political views of the United States and United Kingdom. (3.5 stars out of 5)

Ozzy  G-



James Baldwin’s Dream Became True

James Baldwin is the one of the respected writers in the World. His stories have been translated to many different languages. He only focused on the issues between black and white Americans. He was born in Harlem, New York City, on August 2, 1924. He was the oldest of nine children and from an early age he loved to read.His father was a preacher in the church, and when Baldwin became 14 he was a preacher also. He graduated from Clinton High School at the age of 18, where he had written for a magazine. After writing in a several magazines in the school the author James Baldwin realized that writing is making him very happy.

Richard Wright was another important author who thinks that James Baldwin is a greatest black writer in the World for him. They became very good friends in a very short time and Richard helped him about literature. In those days It was hard to write due to prejudice in U.S so, James Baldwin decided to move to Paris where he can think and write without being discriminated.

If James Baldwin was alive he would be very happy to see a Black candidate (Barack Obama) is running for the president. The United States of America had changed a lot since civil rights. In those days It would be impossible to think this country that a Black guy is running for president. Thats what would make James Baldwin very proud of civil rights movement and the United States of America.

In one of the interviews James Baldwin indicates that he is not a political activist he is a story teller. According to Melihcan Gurcen who is 18 year s old Nassau Community College student said, ” His stories means a lot to candidate Barack Obama and other republicans. James Baldwin already told us how black and white people get along together.”

Baracak Obama has a strong support especially from college students. He has power on both white and black Americans. If he is running to president for the president it is because of James Baldwin and like those authors who used their pen to against the discrimination.

Ozzy Gezer

Gays! Laws! Marriages!

Across the country gay marriage has been an important issue for a long time. While some people support to idea of passing the law and allowing gay couples to get marry, some have been strongly against it. In fact, some states like , Massachusetts is one of the very first to have passed the law and has even welcomed gay couples from out of states for their wedding ceremonies. Recently, California passed the law that is allowing gay marriage, which made the gay marriages a hot topic again.
When I spoke to a friend of mine Abraham Kalkan,27 who has been living in San Francisco and has been working as a wedding consultant, the first thing he asked me was what I personally was thinking about gay marriage. I responded with what George Michael said; ” California has passed the gay marriage but it is definitely overdue.” Abraham said ” San Francisco has been known as the city with the most gay couples, and the law has been passed too late that I know some gay couples living together for 11 years.” Later, I told him that there are 51,000 gay couples inhabit in New York State, and 21,000 of them are planning to go to Massachusetts or California only to be able to get married significant others. He asked me If I knew how much loss in business and dollars it would cause New York State not to pass the law and let those people go, get married in Massachusetts or California. Recently, the accidental governor of New York, David A. Paterson endorsed the gay marriage and he said ” I support the idea of gay couples to be able to get married in New York, I will do anything I can to ensure, we don’t let gay New Yorkers go somewhere else just to be able to get married.” I believe while he was endorsing the idea of passing the law, the governor had the business part of the action in mind, which Abraham was pointing out.
The other day I was watching the news with my landlord John Mendola, 35 and the gay marriage showed up as an issue. The interviews that I made in mind, I asked him what he was thinking about it. As a retired NYPD police officer, he said ” I believe, If gay marriage is going to be allowed in New York, some of the illegal drugs should be allowed as well.” I found that funny (since he was a police officer) and asked him why he was thinking that way, he said ” some drug users will bring up the issue and push for the law to legalize some drugs and their argument could be the belief that the law is going to affect ONLY the drug users just like legalization of gay marriege will ONLY affect gay couples.
We could think that sooner or later ( probably sooner) in New York Sate, the gay marriage will be legalized and gay couples will not have to travel to other state for marriage. However, one could argue that, Yes , New York is going to be fine with this law, but how could we expect this very same law to pass in some of the states in South and Central America.Since New York, California and states like those are culturally and nationally diverse, it wouldn’t cause as much trouble to pass the law as it would in those parts of the country. B. Rubinton, a classmate said that “Today America and Americans regret that the Civil Rights Law passed too late and it should have been passed much much earlier. One day and hopefully a soon day will come and like it happened with the Civil Rights Law, America will realize that there was in fact no reason to be against gay couples and their marriages.”
Ozzy Gezer

Same Accident, Same Intersection, and Same Story

Another traffic accident occurred between School Street and Old Country Road in the town of Westbury. This might be the hundredth traffic collusion in this intersection. No one was injured this time, but the owners of 1998 Jeep Cherokee and 2002 Hyundai Sonata which were involved in the accident, are probably going to donate their vehicles due to high damages. It was not worth to get those two luxury vehicles fixed.

The collusion happened around 7:40 pm in Westbury between School Street and Old Country Road, which is also called by residents who had witnessed multiple traffic accidents “Dead Zone.” A 19-year-old college student, who is studying at NCC, was driving the 1998 Jeep Cherokee confessed the truth. “I saw the light was turning to red and I pressed the gas to pass on green, but I couldn’t.” said with a shaking voice. His car turned over twice and hit the electric pole, which is also a bus stop for N72 buses. Fortunately, There was no one waiting for the bus when the collusion occurred.

Hyundai Sonata was the other totaled vehicle whose owner is a woman and approximately 30 years old was angry to the college boy that caused the collusion. ” Thanks God I am still alive, but I just bought the car a couple of weeks ago with financing.” said while police officers were collecting the registration and insurance documents from each driver.

After three high schoolboys were killed in a traffic accident in the same intersection two years ago, this was being the second dangerous accident in the intersection. Husamettin Mavruk, 49 who is working and in a gas station had seen enormous traffic collusions in two years.” This is the worst intersection. When I call 911 to report an accident sometimes I don’t give the address. I just say “worst intersection in Westbury” and they would be here.”

According to area residents, Nassau Country should make some changes in the intersection. “The time between two lights is very limited. And there must be signs for drivers” said Arthur 42 who is a mechanic ” The area that I live, there are so many unnecessary Stop signs.” And somedays I bet except me no one passes by those streets. Nassau County should be paying the core of attention to these busy intersections like the one in Westbury.” Nassau Country must take action before more people get hurt.

Ozzy G-


A Mcgill Student

I want to introduce you probably one of the youngest and shiest students in the classroom who was graduated from high school Great Neck last spring. He is not talkative as other students in class, but I think it will be hard to see him angry or screaming to someone, because he was smiling during the three interviews. I am talking about Brain Rubinton who is 18 years old from Great Neck.


This is his first time in Nassau Community College and is not going to register for fall. It is because Brain is a very smart and hardworking student and so, Mcgill University which is also known Harvard of Canada, would like see him as one of their students for the next semester. For some students it will be hard to accepted to Mcgill, but not for Brain. He had 3.6 GPA in high school and it aimed him to be accepted to Mcgill which he will be studying economics.


I was wondering why a long Island boy wanted to study out of country. As far as I talked to the other long Island students, they are very happy to be in long island. “I wanted to be far from my house. If I wasn’t accepted to Mcgill, I would probably go to suny Binghamton” said Brain with a smiling face. He was really interested to global economy after taking U.S history in the high school.


Brain Rubinton needs six credits from English department for his bachelor degree. He is already taking English 101 but, I wondered why an economic student is in the same classroom with me who is majoring communications. Brain had the same feeling as most students in the classroom. “This course should be fun.” he said.


I had a chance to talk many different topics during three interviews, but most interesting topics were “Iraq issue” and especially “Election 2008” which I filmed a short documentary in NCC. As we all know, Barack Obama has influence on young generation especially, college students. Bryan is one of his supporters and he sees no doubt that Barack Obama will be the next president. “American citizens are seriously frustrated of the republicans and we have been in cold war almost eight years.” said Brain. “Mccain is old and he talks totally different when he was independent. He changed because he just wanted to be the next president.”


When I remind him how other counties of residents especially, European countries dislike American politics such as Iraq invasion, he summarized probably what most New York residents say. “We don’t like it too. There should be many ways to do it but not like this.”


After I had very decent conversations on various topics, I think he is going to be successful what he is studying. It is because economics is related to politics which he has a lot to say.

–Ozzy G.