Real (Estate) Work Ethic

This is how he’ll do it
by Adam Michaelson

On a typical summer day, Jared Albaum has the fullest of full schedules. With class and any of three different jobs, his plate is often more than full. After our interview in class today he has to run off to work until the late night. As he explains his days and routines, a look of modesty is on his face. It is quite clear that he means and feels what he says.

Jared was born in the winter of 1987 in Woodmere, New York. It was at home that he learned the true value of hard work and strong morals. His father, a sales representative for a major watch company, has always been an extremely hard worker to be able to live comfortably while supporting his wife and two sons. “I want to achieve what he’s achieved…to follow in his footsteps, in a way.” Jared says as he leans back and is clearly contemplating the steps to get there.

Throughout the summer, Jared holds three separate jobs; he is the valet manager for Bridgewater Catering hall, an electrician’s apprentice, and runs his own car detailing business. When asked about his valet job, Jared will probably grin a bit while thinking of his more interesting experiences. He laughs as he tells me of the time he thought he had lost someone’s car keys but after forty-five minutes of searching, he finally found them…in his pocket. When pressed for a bit more, Jared leans in and smirks before he explains how he taught himself to drive a manual transmission on a random customer’s car. His other two jobs, he explains, are to keep himself busy with work and to earn plenty of money for the school year. “I’ve got a strong work ethic, I know that,” he explained in a recent phone interview, “and I know I’ll just be rewarding myself in the future,”

In the fall, Jared will be returning to the University of Buffalo for his third college year. He rather enjoys it up there, and the experience at a college far from home has given him a new relationship with his mother. Before leaving, Jared and his mother had a fairly standard mother-son relationship; as in, they shared few, if any, hobbies and, therefore, did not spend as much time together as Jared did with his father and brother. The distance, however, sparked something in both of them. As the year went on and Jared and his mother exchanged phone calls for things like general advice, help with work, or even just to talk, they built a bond much stronger than was there before.

Once finished with college, a career in real estate is in Jared’s sights. He hopes to draw from his father’s lifelong experience in sales and marketing to meet and exceed his own goals. Jared hopes to one day own a Ferrari F430 Spyder in a bright white pearl finish, although he’s happy settling with his white Ford Mustang GT, for now. Throughout his entire life, cars have always been one of Jared’s top interests. Once again learning from his father, Jared would often take visits to car dealerships and car shows with his father and brother. This cultivated an interest and passion for anything and everything automotive for both Jared and his younger brother, Elan.

After a series of in-person and telephone interviews, it is clear that Jared Albaum has what it takes. He is motivated by his father, his peers, and the world itself. Although he may work five times as hard as most other twenty year olds, he shows no signs of ever slowing down or giving up. Sure, Jared, still has a long way to go before getting his dream car, but he’ll probably get his a few years before the rest of us.


Heart and Seoul

Upon entering the summer class of news reporting and writing I encountered a personable young man who is my classmate. His name is Adam Michaelson. He is a twenty-year old Korean American born on April 16, 1988. Adam was born in South Korea and spent the first four months of his young life in a foster home. At four months old, an American couple adopted Adam through an agency called New Beginnings. The adoptive parents were happy with a photograph of baby Adam. He became part of an American family where he would be cherished forever, as is an older Korean sister named Sarah, who was adopted into the Michaelson family prior to Adam. His medical background is an enigma. He has traced his biological mother, but does not communicate with her.

The Family of four live in Roslyn Heights. Joanne, is Adam’s fifty-six year old Italian American mother. She is a registered nurse. Keith, is Adam’s fifty-eight year old Jewish-American father. He is a computer analyst for Northrup Grumman. This family unit would fit the description as an upper-middle class of a high socioeconomic level. Adam was Bar-Mitzvahed at Temple Sinai in Roslyn, which brings him into the Jewish faith. Traditionally, Sunday is family day. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and the immediate family have a festive dinner together, usually an Italian meal.

Adam has many interests, which serve him well. A few of his interests emanate from spending valuable family time. For example, his woodworking skills enable him to create bookcases, and other wood furniture. It seems that Adam’s interests have inspired him to perfect his passion for photography. In 1999, Adams late uncle gave him an Olympus OM-1 35 millimeter camera; His fondness for his uncle awakened a hobby, which would blossom with time. Adam combined his love for photography with his involvement with exotic cars. Adam’s favorite car is a Porsche Carrera GT3, White with green interior. In 2005 an acquaintance in the car club in which he belongs afforded him the contact, which enabled him to promote and publish his work in S3 magazine and on, both popular car enthusiast outlets.

Adam Michaelson is an assistant to wedding photographers. “Often I feel like I noticed things that others would overlook and that is one of the main things driving me as a photographer to capture that moment, and share it with the world”.

As a young person interested in his future as well as world conditions Adam expresses concern about many issues. As with most young people the war in Iraq has become a very important subject. “The continuing Iraqi war has affected our economy and the elevated gas prices which impact everyday life. We are now limited by an inflated economy. The end of this recession is not yet in sight. The war has ended the lived of many young soldiers and that becomes a tragedy for all times”

After the brief time I have had the pleasure of getting to know this young man and his youthful, but wise insight as to the complexities of war, economics, and politics. I learned from him a new perspective on life. His views, his understandings are something for me to emulate. I look forward to engaging in future communication and friendship. It seems that he has peaked in me a new interest that I have a desire to continue or enhance from our relationship. It was enlightening and refreshing to see that people of different origins can blend into a united family.