Real (Estate) Work Ethic

This is how he’ll do it
by Adam Michaelson

On a typical summer day, Jared Albaum has the fullest of full schedules. With class and any of three different jobs, his plate is often more than full. After our interview in class today he has to run off to work until the late night. As he explains his days and routines, a look of modesty is on his face. It is quite clear that he means and feels what he says.

Jared was born in the winter of 1987 in Woodmere, New York. It was at home that he learned the true value of hard work and strong morals. His father, a sales representative for a major watch company, has always been an extremely hard worker to be able to live comfortably while supporting his wife and two sons. “I want to achieve what he’s achieved…to follow in his footsteps, in a way.” Jared says as he leans back and is clearly contemplating the steps to get there.

Throughout the summer, Jared holds three separate jobs; he is the valet manager for Bridgewater Catering hall, an electrician’s apprentice, and runs his own car detailing business. When asked about his valet job, Jared will probably grin a bit while thinking of his more interesting experiences. He laughs as he tells me of the time he thought he had lost someone’s car keys but after forty-five minutes of searching, he finally found them…in his pocket. When pressed for a bit more, Jared leans in and smirks before he explains how he taught himself to drive a manual transmission on a random customer’s car. His other two jobs, he explains, are to keep himself busy with work and to earn plenty of money for the school year. “I’ve got a strong work ethic, I know that,” he explained in a recent phone interview, “and I know I’ll just be rewarding myself in the future,”

In the fall, Jared will be returning to the University of Buffalo for his third college year. He rather enjoys it up there, and the experience at a college far from home has given him a new relationship with his mother. Before leaving, Jared and his mother had a fairly standard mother-son relationship; as in, they shared few, if any, hobbies and, therefore, did not spend as much time together as Jared did with his father and brother. The distance, however, sparked something in both of them. As the year went on and Jared and his mother exchanged phone calls for things like general advice, help with work, or even just to talk, they built a bond much stronger than was there before.

Once finished with college, a career in real estate is in Jared’s sights. He hopes to draw from his father’s lifelong experience in sales and marketing to meet and exceed his own goals. Jared hopes to one day own a Ferrari F430 Spyder in a bright white pearl finish, although he’s happy settling with his white Ford Mustang GT, for now. Throughout his entire life, cars have always been one of Jared’s top interests. Once again learning from his father, Jared would often take visits to car dealerships and car shows with his father and brother. This cultivated an interest and passion for anything and everything automotive for both Jared and his younger brother, Elan.

After a series of in-person and telephone interviews, it is clear that Jared Albaum has what it takes. He is motivated by his father, his peers, and the world itself. Although he may work five times as hard as most other twenty year olds, he shows no signs of ever slowing down or giving up. Sure, Jared, still has a long way to go before getting his dream car, but he’ll probably get his a few years before the rest of us.