Gays! Laws! Marriages!

Across the country gay marriage has been an important issue for a long time. While some people support to idea of passing the law and allowing gay couples to get marry, some have been strongly against it. In fact, some states like , Massachusetts is one of the very first to have passed the law and has even welcomed gay couples from out of states for their wedding ceremonies. Recently, California passed the law that is allowing gay marriage, which made the gay marriages a hot topic again.
When I spoke to a friend of mine Abraham Kalkan,27 who has been living in San Francisco and has been working as a wedding consultant, the first thing he asked me was what I personally was thinking about gay marriage. I responded with what George Michael said; ” California has passed the gay marriage but it is definitely overdue.” Abraham said ” San Francisco has been known as the city with the most gay couples, and the law has been passed too late that I know some gay couples living together for 11 years.” Later, I told him that there are 51,000 gay couples inhabit in New York State, and 21,000 of them are planning to go to Massachusetts or California only to be able to get married significant others. He asked me If I knew how much loss in business and dollars it would cause New York State not to pass the law and let those people go, get married in Massachusetts or California. Recently, the accidental governor of New York, David A. Paterson endorsed the gay marriage and he said ” I support the idea of gay couples to be able to get married in New York, I will do anything I can to ensure, we don’t let gay New Yorkers go somewhere else just to be able to get married.” I believe while he was endorsing the idea of passing the law, the governor had the business part of the action in mind, which Abraham was pointing out.
The other day I was watching the news with my landlord John Mendola, 35 and the gay marriage showed up as an issue. The interviews that I made in mind, I asked him what he was thinking about it. As a retired NYPD police officer, he said ” I believe, If gay marriage is going to be allowed in New York, some of the illegal drugs should be allowed as well.” I found that funny (since he was a police officer) and asked him why he was thinking that way, he said ” some drug users will bring up the issue and push for the law to legalize some drugs and their argument could be the belief that the law is going to affect ONLY the drug users just like legalization of gay marriege will ONLY affect gay couples.
We could think that sooner or later ( probably sooner) in New York Sate, the gay marriage will be legalized and gay couples will not have to travel to other state for marriage. However, one could argue that, Yes , New York is going to be fine with this law, but how could we expect this very same law to pass in some of the states in South and Central America.Since New York, California and states like those are culturally and nationally diverse, it wouldn’t cause as much trouble to pass the law as it would in those parts of the country. B. Rubinton, a classmate said that “Today America and Americans regret that the Civil Rights Law passed too late and it should have been passed much much earlier. One day and hopefully a soon day will come and like it happened with the Civil Rights Law, America will realize that there was in fact no reason to be against gay couples and their marriages.”
Ozzy Gezer